The Sophisticated Yeane Lim

“Fashion is about how you wear the clothes.”

stated Yeane Lim, a busy woman who challenges herself to try something new everyday.

A mother, a painter, and a businesswoman all at once, she always wears her outfits impeccably down to the accessories. “I would describe my style as simple and chic with an eye for details. My clothes tend to be very basic, mostly in black, white and nude. The accessories are what make them stand out.” explained Yeane. Dipping her foot in the new field after years being in the fashion industry, Yeane is now gearing up with another business of hers, YLL Jewelry.

You have a track record in the fashion business and also home appliances, what inspire you to create YLL jewelry?
“I’ve been in the electronic business for 18 years, but fashion is something that has always been a passion mine. I used to work as a stylist, however, I haven’t done it for a long time due my current business. Long story short, since I also am a painter, I like to do some creative things and I was challenged by my sib to be creative. From then on, it got me thinking about jewelry.”

YLL is known for its luxury, simplistic looks – but essentially what makes it different than any other jewelry?
“It took me some time about the kind of jewelry that I wanted to design; something simple, sophisticated, and can be worn as daily jewelry. I do not want my jewelry to be the same as others, that’s why I was thinking about the agate stones. The agate stone is actually quite popular, but only among men –so I thought why not make them for women as well? So I sat down with couple of agate stones collectors. I chose two kind of agate stones that I’d like to work out with: Anggur Bulan and Black Onyx. I believe the stones are what makes YLL different, we also like to educate people about the philosophies behind the stones.”
 How do you craft the jewelry?
“First of all, we use 18-carat gold plated in our jewelry and the stones are all obtained from Indonesia, I traveled to many places before finally collecting them. Since everything is handcrafted by our factory in Bali, it takes quiet a long time to make one, from shaping the stones to finally arriving at the client’s hand. Since everything is originally made, our customers usually got different sizes, shapes, and colors—these aspects are what makes them special.”
We’ve heard that YLL is also sold abroad.
“Yes, Instagram is a powerful tool, we often use social media to promote our brand and we got to meet a lot of retailers from abroad through social media. I also worked with some Australian influencers who followed our social media and working with them actually increased the exposure of our brand.”
Lastly, can you tell us more about the collection?

“The Black Onyx agate stone is believed to have a healing properties that can absorb and transform negative energy surrounding, it’s good to be worn when you’re feeling stress, confusion, and grief. As for Anggur Bulan, it is believed that it can heal wearers, provide energy spiritually, and brings the peace within. The white Anggur Bulan stone is also good to overcome various feelings such as anxiety and unsafe feeling, it’s also good to relieve fatigue.”

“If you take a look at my pendant, you can swirl around the stone, this shape helps you when you’re having an anxiety—simply to distract your mind and give you a calming effect. The movement of my pendant had helped me when I have a bad moment at the office so I want my pendants to help other people too.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabilsa Sari
Wardrobe: available at The F Thing

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