South North Baes by The F Thing

Succeeded with Jakarta Street Chapter, The F Thing is now returned with a fresh video content called, South North Baes. It is a platform in which The F Thing digs deeper onto the mainly discussed topic, “Anak Jakarta.”


South North Baes is the video content in which The F Thing will be dissecting about the differences between “Anak Jakarta” based on their location, South and North Jakarta. “Southern kids” and “Northern kids” are the topic that is often discussed but never been exposed before, therefore The F Thing would like to take the honor to be the first digital media platform that brings out the reality between those two in 5 episodes of video content.

During The F Thing’s anniversary on October 3, The F Thing introduced two beautiful lads that are chosen to represent the southern and northern kids for South North Baes, and they are Keyna Kameron and Ovisa. Two influencers that are raised and have been living in these two areas of Jakarta.
Inviting more than 10 influencers as the speakers on each of its episode, South North Bae will be featured by the Southern and Northern influencers, such as Ayla Dimitri, Sylvie Cendana, Lyla Andalucia and Lulu Tantono. These ladies will make an appearance on the first episode of South North Baes, as they will be talking about influencers and relationship talks. And more influencers to come on the following episode, with more discussions about fashion, beauty trends, and hang out places.

South North Baes will be disclosing about many unspoken things between the Southern and Northern kids. Stay tuned for the first episode to come on The F Thing’s YouTube channel in December 2019.
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographers: Vicky Melly and Ganang Arfiandi

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