Spacewear on Point with Cosmonauts

As far as branding goes, people would defo look up straight to Supreme and Off White.


Simply because they know how to brand themselves in various layers of fashion scene: from streetwear to high fashion. Theme? Streetwear-related of course. In our country, the fashion scene has been saturated with similar concepts. Rarely does one explore the space concept with its many interesting details: from astronauts to planets. Enter Cosmonauts, one of The F Thing’s vendors, a local brand launched in 2017 aiming to embrace the outerspace into their designs.

The brand opened its offline store on March 31st, 2018, at the Southern part of Jakarta, where the who’s who of millennials and Gen Z of Jakartans mingle, precisely at Pondok Indah Mall.

Quoting from the web, “We always aim for the stars when it comes to designing our stellar apparel. But it’s not just about clothes. We strive to illustrate the human thirst for knowledge and the desire to expand our horizons, and salute those who dedicate their lives to exploring the universe. Space travel is about limitless imagination, which is the same dogma we apply to our brand.”

To see more of their lit collection, go to to find out.

Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

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