Spend Your Night Away at Kilo Lounge

Firstly lodged in Singapore, Kilo Lounge has now arrived in Jakarta to satiate the sights and taste buds in Gunawarman, South Jakarta area.

After gaining so much embrace from the locals in their home country Singapore, Kilo Lounge is now widening their reach to the country, Indonesia. Tucked away in the basement-infused setting under Kilo Restaurant, Kilo Lounge is where people can swing the night away after their dinner at the restaurant.

Launched in January 2019, Kilo Lounge has already gone under a great impression as one of those hotspots in South Jakarta area. Opens everyday from 6pm to 1am on Sunday to Thursday, and 6pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday, Kilo Lounge comes with different event each day. And for the month of December they come with; #WhiskeyWhisper and Ladies Night Gents on Wednesday, starts from 8-10 pm. It is where they’ll be opening the 12-year-old whiskies for ladies, completed with free flow House Pour (Vodka, Rum, Gin and Wine). On Thursday they have #KiloLaughs it is where people can enjoy a night of non-stop laughter with stand up comedian, starts from 8pm onwards, whilst on Friday and Saturday, people can enjoy live music performances through #KiloLive.
If you thought you now know what Kilo Lounge is, you got it wrong because we haven’t talked about the beverages they come with. Offering a series of cocktails, Kilo Lounge is the right place for you to drop your money on some high-quality drinks. To  Letter F, Kilo Lounge got to show off their trademark drinks, which is one of them has got to be the “Magic Mushroom”—a potpourri of Shitake vodka, chocolate vermouth, sesame syrup, egg white, cacao bitter and truffle oil. Framed in a closed terrarium, Magic Mushroom is presented between the smoke and served with a slice of orange on top of it. Another cocktail recommendation by Letter F goes to “Turkish Coffee,” a magic mixture of coffee and vodka. A well-mixed between espresso-brewed pome fruit vodka, with orchid ice cream and cardamom syrup. Presented with roll cookies on top and Turkish styled goblet, topped with mint leaves and cinnamon. And the last recommendation goes to “Kilo’s New Fashion,” a homemade infused bourbon mixed with vanilla syrup, and a burning cinnamon. To accompany the drinks, Letter F recommends the 4 Cheese & Herb Pizza for your finger food.

Pick your favorite cocktails yourselves and enjoy your night with your folks in the most comforting ambience in the area at Kilo Lounge, on Gunawarman 16, Senopati, South Jakarta.
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi

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