Spider-Man Officially Returns to MCU, Third Film is Scheduled to Air in 2021

Good news for Spider-Man fans. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios reportedly referred to the cultivation of the sequel to the spider.

The latest news is, the movie Spider-Man has received a broadcast schedule, which is on July 16, 2021. In addition, Tom Holland is also still trusted to portray Peter Parker. The news of the merging of Marvel with Sony Pictures was marked by the meeting of Tom Rothman with Kevin Faige along with Disney Studio Alan Horn. The results of this meeting is Marvel and Sony agreed to get a rough profit of 25 percent of the film. While for merchandise and others still held by Disney. Rumors of reconciliation between these two companies have got wide, but it’s still confusing.
They reportedly were negotiating to discuss a new agreement. As is known beforehand, Marvel with Sony Picture had a feud due to the sharing of results that led to the separation of the cooperation that was carried out so far. Spider-Man is affected and his fate is a question mark whether there is a sequel or not to the movie.
Source: iNews

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