Sports Enthusiasts Unite: Podcast Liga Mamat

Meet the men behind Podcast Liga Mamat (@podcastligamamat), a sports-based community produced by Pramono Prakoso aka Phyam, Arya Hiram, and Pringgo Aryo Pradana or Aryo. Liga Mamat is an all-around podcast channel that covers their community’s interest under the same name.

Through Liga Mamat Podcast, Phyam, Arya, and Aryo wish to reconnect the broken strings with their long-lost pals, from talking about sports to lifestyle. Aside from being a podcaster, each of them is busy with their job, Phyam is a producer, Arya works for a property company, whereas Aryo delves in the audio production and also owner of a coffee shop ‘Kopi Sakti’.

How did Liga Mamat start?
Aryo: “The name ‘Mamat’ was chosen over the soto stall in Bintaro located in the vicinity of our soccer field, we often hang out there after matches. The soto is widely popular, and people who often eat there also join the football club, thus the name of the football club is ‘Mamat FC’ –which later turned into ‘Liga Mamat’. It all started from a small community and has grown big with the rules and regular football matches and whatnot, including podcast.”
Arya: “Though the podcast started last September, but Liga Mamat actually just turned 2 years old.”
Aryo: “Liga Mamat also becomes a place to keep in touch with old friends. Because in some cases, friendship grows apart, and through Liga Mamat we can rebuild those old relationships. Initially formed as a small football community, but now it becomes larger and produces many positive things, just like our slogan which is ‘Fun, Friends, and Ball’.”
Phyam: “We initially tried a lot of different things under Liga Mamat, so it’s not limited to football related, but also lifestyle aspects since a lot of us comes from different backgrounds.”
What made you decide to channel your community to podcast? And there are so many podcast channels lately, what do you do to keep your channel relevant?
Phyam: “I’ve always been a podcast listener, and at that time, I didn’t know how podcasts worked, then we talked to Aryo who really understood the audio industry. Aryo also likes to work and produce new things, so fortunately Liga Mamat is now available on podcast, too.”
Aryo: “I’ve worked several times for podcasts that are already out their names in the map, such as RAPOT and BKR, so I was excited to do the Liga Mamat podcast. For our own podcast, we try to find the common thread of our podcast so that it is different from the others, which is sport – we all gathered thanks to soccer, Liga Mamat happened also thanks to our soccer routine, so we’ll talk about sports. To make it easy listening to others, we add many other topics other than sports too, and it’s not always soccer.”
As a podcaster, do you listen to other podcasts, too? What do you think about the podcast phenomenon in Indonesia now?
Aryo: “According to Bobby from BKR podcast, ‘everyone will do podcast sooner or later’, and it’s true. Many companies try to reach me to do their own podcast, so saying that podcast is hitting their peak moment is accurate. To learn more about podcasting world, we listen to other podcast channels and we also invited Bobby from BKR to actually give us his insights in the podcast world.”

“One thing I like from the podcast world in Indonesia is that the podcasters here are not about rivalry. Though some podcasters have become big and known, they still try to promote each other’s channel. We hope—as the podcast is becoming bigger lately–, that each channel would still support one another.”

Tips on starting a new podcast channel?

“To start your own podcast channel is so easy, it’s up to you whether you want to do it consistently or not. All you need to do is just record your own voice, have something to talk about, upload it on, then it’s done. However, in my case as I’m working in the audio industry, I’m not gonna lie that I am indeed very perfectionist at it.”

Phyam: “Just do it. From all I see, many people thought that they need to have the ‘license’ in broadcasting to do podcast, but you don’t have to be an announcer to be a podcaster. Technically, you’re just a google away from all the steps you need to take to do a podcast, so just do it and share it.”

“True, stop wishing about making one and basically just go for it.”

Is being behind the mic makes you not paying attention to style? If not, how do you guys define your fashion sense?
Arya: “On daily basis, I often go with the formal style due to many meetings I’ve to attend that day, hence it’d be pretty rude to go out with t-shirts. I’d go with plain shirts or collared shirts usually.”
Phyam: “I tend to go casual, I like jerseys, but pairing them with a pair of NIKE or Adidas, too.”
Aryo: “I wear based on my schedule that day. When I have no meetings to catch, I like to go casual with football shirts and jeans, but when I do have some meetings, I go with shirts.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Digital Imaging: Rian Pandu
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: LEGITEAMATE, available at

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