This Spray-on Emilio Pucci Hair Statement was Inspired by Lil Kim

Eye-popping prints are nothing new for Emilio Pucci.

Since when has the iconic Italian fashion label ever, in its over 70-year history, shied away from bright colors and shapes? In fact, this season, for which Christelle Kocher of Koché was the guest designer, saw geometric patterns spill onto the hair; hairstylist Jawara dreaming up a single spray-painted mane statement inspired by none other than Lil Kim.

Back in the late ’90s, the rapper was known to stencil designs, particularly logos including Chanel and Versace, onto her brightly-colored wigs. Riffing on that makeup-for-hair technique, Jawara had custom stencils made and sprayed one model’s poker-straight platinum mane (smooth texture with minimal movement being the optimal canvas) with stripes of saturated fuchsia leaf print and triangular cyan blue blocks in the back. Then, another model had her lavender low ponytail punctuated by the intricate, neon-bright stamps. “We didn’t want it to be the exact same shades of the clothes,” explains Jawara. “The electric blues and pinks were the perfect offset.”

Image may contain Skin Human Person Back and Finger

Using hair as a canvas to build upon the collection’s dizzying prints and exuberant color palette (Lilac! Tangerine! Fuchsia!) was a fitting touch for the show, which spread the message of individuality and celebrated all things artful.

Source: Vogue

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