Stay Tuned to Indonesia’s King of EDM, DJ Angger Dimas!

All hail the age of EDM in Indonesia! We hanged out with one of our best DJs, Angger Dimas – he is the one and only Indonesian artist that to perform at Tomorrowland. His success is acknowledged by many famous names such as Dimitri Vegas Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Tiesto and many more.

These days, we saw lots of EDM artists doing collab with mainstream singers/rappers – how about Angger Dimas?
I respect the DJs who do that, they are my best friends; but the thing is, I have a son and wife. There’s less room for me to explore music right now, unlike other artists.  So it’s difficult for me to work with other artists directly. Normally, I do everything online. I’ve worked with Tiesto and Steve and whoever any other artists online by sending emails and so on. The hardest part about collaboration is working offline – it’s not easy to merge the idea.

So, you’re a musician, producer, husband and father. How does it feel to be Angger Dimas?
Well it feels decent (laugh). Five years ago I thought life is boring. Life was just all about touring, making music and money. Then I realized that life has roles, either a good guy or bad guy. I’m a husband and a dad. In twenty years, who knows, I may become a grandfather. I realized that the pressure in this music industry is very high, it could lead to depression, talking about Avicii and how he’s depressed about music and Hardwell who has just announced his retirement due to depression. So… I feel lucky that two years ago I decided to get married.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer Yusuf Muchtar
Stylist Caroline Meliala
Studio @bowiebeaucoup

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