How Stress Affects Your Mental Health

Coping up with stress can actually put your physical health on stake without you knowing and affecting yourself from within—therefore there are things you need to know about the effects of stress that can harm your well-being.

In 1936, Hans Selye—the father of Stress Theory explained that stress is defined as a response of the body to any demand for change upon the unpleasant changes in our lives. It is extremely important to pay attention to your level of stress because it’s a warning system for things that gives the burn-out feeling which will eventually lead to health problems.

But how does it affect our physical health?
According to Dhruti Patel-Davis from University of Maryland, our body responds to emotional stress the same way as it does to emotional stress, meaning that physical activities can also put your mind under a lot of pressure. Hence, whenever we’re doing heavy activities it is compulsory to maintain your blood pressure and body temperature as both stress and illness are linked to each other.
What is actually happening to our body when we’re stressed?
When we’re under a lot of pressures, we’ll going to some psychological changes, such as emotions, mood and behavior, but the crucial things that also going through changes are the systems inside us. When you’re feeling stressed your nervous system as well as respiratory, cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system (the systems inside our muscles), the stress hormones, gastrointestinal system and reproductive system can all messing up with you and lead you to various type of illness. The long-endless thoughts in your mind will force your systems to overwork and ending up with such a bad result.
Putting your stress aside is the worst way to handle your mind and physical health, therefore you should pay attention to any changes that is happening in you. Find out more how to cope up with stress only on Letter F.
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Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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