Style to Track: Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz

When it comes to romance, celebrities don’t like to wait around. Terbukti dari pasangan Brooklyn Beckham dan Nicola Peltz, yang setelah berpacaran selama 10 bulan, akhirnya mengumumkan pertunangannya ke dunia.

Calling her his “soulmate”, Brooklyn shared a picture of the pair to announce the news as Nicola flashed a gigantic diamond ring. Pasangan yang setiap tertangkap paparazzi, selalu berhasil untuk memamerkan kemesraannya by wearing matching outfits every single time.

Nicola Peltz is a model and actress, who recently starred in the Marvel show Inhumans yang memulai kariernya di dunia akting pada tahun 2006. Empat tahun kemudian, namanya mulai dikenal setelah membintangi karakter Katara di film The Last Airbender. And when it comes to fashion, this girl isn’t afraid to take a risk. Nicola pernah bilang pada suatu interview tentang gayanya, “My style really depends on what mood I’m in.” While her fashion choices may be setting trends, for her, wearing an innovative outfit is less about making a statement and more about state of mind.
As for Brooklyn, he may only be 21, but he knows what he’s doing when it comes to getting dressed. Here are some tracks to their styles yang bisa juga jadi contekan kalian kalau mau matching dengan si doi.

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