Style to Track: Chase Hudson and Charli d’Amelio

As the video sharing app TikTok is skyrocketing to stardom overnight, many new faces are gaining more recognition between the crowd, and some of them are the couple Chase Hudson and Charli d’Amelio, two TikTok stars who have gained tens of millions of followers on the app and have recently become a couple through the same platform.

Starting from TikTok both influencers are now often making an appearance on many different channels on YouTube, but little did many know is that Lil Huddy aka Chase and Charli have started their career long before TikTok happened. Chase started his own channel on YouTube back in 2018 and has gained 600k subscribers in 2 years since its opening. Charli on the other hand, is originally a dancer and is indeed very passionate about it. Through TikTok she expresses her passion in dancing and thanks to her luck and TikTok’s magic algorithm, she is now the TikTok dancing girl with 23 millions followers on hands.
These two good looking TikTokers are now the current high-demand internet stars, and here are some of their looks that you can steal from them exclusively on
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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