Style to Track: Dilan’s 90s Vibe

Last year, our cheesiness were being fulfilled by the movie Dilan 1990. Played by Iqbaal Ramadhan as Dilan and Vanesha Prescilla as Milea, they took us back to the 90s Bandung, when life was simple yet beautiful for the lovebirds.

City gal Milea just moved to Bandung due to her father’s job and Dilan, a Bandung-born teenage boy who’s also a motorgang leader fell for her. One way and another, Dilan and Milea got close, and Dilan can finally won Milea’s heart. This February, the sequel will hit your closest cinema. The movie itself will be called Dilan 1991, picking up the story where it was left. This time, we will see whether this lovely relationship will continue to hold on or would it be shattered into million pieces.
To flash back our memories, here are some Dilan outfit in Dilan 1990 sorted for you. As a teenager who is always on a bike, Dilan always wear his famous denim jacket with brown corduroy shirt collar. He is also known to pretty much wear many baggy shirts and straight fit light blue jeans.
Here are some of the examples, so now you too can dress like the romantic teen from Bandung, back to the 1990s!
Look 1
Steal His Style!
Look 2
Steal His Style!
Look 3
Steal His Style!
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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