Style to Track: DPR Live

A rapper can’t be described as one without fashion—and here is the style that is worth a steal by the upcoming performer for Asian Sound Syndicate 2019, DPR Live.

There are many, many things to talk about DPR Live, the music, the visually-enchanting music videos, the collaborations, the hands down achievements, and then of course there’s also the fashion.

Hip hop artists have always been famed for sporting gold chains, swaggy pants, accessories, and but DPR Live has his own ways to flex his styles. Instead of coming out as a the typical hip hop artist with ‘recycled’ fashion, he prefers showing off his casual type and make them look better. The inspiring weapon to his editorial success can be found in his slightly boyfriend looks that happened to be a rapper.
The boyfriend looks that he brings on daily basis can be seen live as the performer will grace the stage on August 31st 2019, in Helipad Parking Ground, GBK Senayan. The boyfriend rapper wants to know “Your Name?” with his “Martini Blue” live through Asian Sound Syndicate—a hip hop music festival that brings Korean and Indonesian hip hop artists on the same stage. This event is heavenly organized by Stellar Events.
Forget not the boyfriend Live’s looks that you can get on The F Thing:

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya

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