Style to Track: Here’s How to Style Yourself Like Aqsa Aswar

Say hello to the Indonesian Jet-skier who recently scored another achievement by winning the world’s most prestigious jet ski event, The P1 Aquacross in Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States of America. 

Aqsa Aswar, the Indonesian pride in the Jet Ski world, has returned home with another gold in his bag. The 21-year-old racer has proved his quality in jet ski by competing in the Pro Endurance 300 class, at The P1 Aquacross round-4. He succeeded in taming the other world athletes, such as Chris Macclugage, Brian Baldwin, Eric Francis, and his own brother, Aero Aswar. Winning the highest point in the first and third motto, Aqsa was once lost his balance in the second motto, even so he came out with 67 points and got the first rank of the competition.
Astounded by his achievements on the sea, Aqsa Aswar has another side of him once he touched the ground. Beside being the racer Aqsa, Aqsa is also someone who pays quite amount of attention to what he wears. Though he likes to keep it simple and comfortable, he likes to style it nicely as well. To Letter F, he promotes what kind of clothing items he often wears, and here are some of them that you can grab only on
Look 1
Steal His Style!
Look 2
Steal His Style!
Look 3
Steal His Style!
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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