Style to Track: Jung Sisters

The Ice Princesses, Jung Sisters are back. After having their duet reality show together under the name of Jessica & Krystal five years ago, the older Jung has confirmed on an interview that she’s indeed in the middle of preparing another reality show with her little sister and she’s nothing but thrilled about it.

The Jung Sisters were promoted first through their company, SM Entertainment. They did some stage performances together in the past, however after Jessica reported have left the company whilst Krystal stayed, it’s getting more difficult to see them together, hence this news is surely bringing joy to the fans.
Jessica and Krystal both growing up as idols in two different girl groups, thus they are expected to show their best under the spotlights all the time, including on how they dress. Fortunately, these San Franciscan gals are so into fashion, in fact they’re often being praised for how they mix and match their styles.
Look 1
Steal Their Style!
Look 2
Steal Their Styles!
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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