Style to Track: Kallula and Diskopantera

Check out the styles of Kallula and Diskopantera – two of our most favorite people on the scene!


Kallula Harsynta Esterlita is a rising talented, beautiful, young also stylish singer. She is now considered as one of the biggest EDM singers in Indonesia, with the potential to go global. She is the vocalist of a group called Kimokal, refers to Kimo Rizky and Kallula. Their songs are unique and special, from nu-wave, dub, electronic, nu-disco, ballad to pop.
Kallula has a strong feature; her cool and fierce vibe sometimes might give people the wrong idea but she is actually a people person. Her creativity doesn’t only limited to making and singing songs but also in fashion. Numerous collaboration with local brands are already achieved with amazing reviews – including the Coachella collab! Both on stage and Instagram, her style is mostly monochromatic and very on trend. You can also spot many unique cut pieces, sportswear and minimalist pieces. With chic bob hair, simple makeup, and well put outfit, Kallula is surely one of the fashion icon of Indonesians youngsters.
Here are some looks we curated, and some of them are one of Kallula’s personal design!
Look 1
Steal Her Style!
Look 2
Steal Her Style!
Diskopantera’s real name is actually Rahmat Dwi Putranto, or Anto. His mojo is he plays 80s-90s songs on most of his gigs. It was such a unsual concept of EDM, and we are loving it! His energy on stage is exhilarating and contagious. By going retro on his music, he also goes to the tea with his outfit. Mixes colorful graphic tee or parachute jackets, short short exercise pants, head band and a pair of yellow glasses, it will remind you of the best that 90’s era has to offer. Not only you can enjoy his music, now he has launched some personal merchandise such as t-shirt. Wanna dress like him? Check his merch out!
Look 1
Steal  His Style!
Look 2
Steal His Style!
Psst! Do you know, both of them will be performing at one of the most-awaited music festivals, FutuRepublic! Secure your ticket now!
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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