Style to Track: Killing It at the Music Festival!

Since forever, music festival has been such a hype throughout generations.


Back in the 70s, we have Glastonbury; in the 90s, we have Lollapalooza and now there are countless music festivals all around the world everyday every month, for every existing genre of music! Here in Indonesia, we might be a regular at Djakarta Warehouse Projects, WeTheFest,  Lalala Fest – next year, fthing will bring to you FutureRepublic.
Going to a music festival nowadays is also a way to showcase your fashion choices. You better dress nice and cool to fit in the ambience. Also it will look cute on the gram! So far, music festival’s fashion trends are leaning towards boho style, with fringes and short suede pants.  Here are some tips for you to look the cutest for the next music festivals.
Boho Look 1
Boho  Look 2
Boho Look 3
Disco Look 1
Disco Look 2
Summer Look
Summer Look 2
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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