STYLE TO TRACK: Make ’em Whistle like Blackpink!

Debuted under YG Entertainment, Blackpink is known to have raised as a girl group with such a high taste in fashion as we can see from their glam looks whenever they hit the stage. Endorsed by their impactful confidence to each of their performances, their fashion style never fail to support Blackpink’s floor to look even more outstanding. Gucci, Coach, Saint Laurent and many other high brands never failed to pimp the girls even more elegant to each event they attended.

Being so flashy and awe-inspiring on stage don’t stop them to still look breathtaking off-stage. Each one of them proved the fans that they are enriched with their own styling skill in their daily life. Shall we take a look at how the four most-talked-about girls in South Korea do their fashion?
  1. The ‘Edgjeans’ Lisa

    The Thai Princess, Lalisa Manoban has a voice for her casual style. Completely different with her sparkly dresses on stage, Lisa tends to wear something edgy and casual for her daily outfits. Her ‘it’ item has got to be jeans, she’s seen wearing jeans for most of her times off-stage, either as a jacket or as a bottom and that is why we called her the ‘edgjeans’! She likes to style her jeans with many different options to follow the occasions, to add her charms, she doesn’t back away to play with bright colors!

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  1. The Sweet Rose

    The kiwi baby girl Rosé is a very sweet one. Different from her eccentric style on stage, Rosé has a tendency to look minimalistic and sweet during her off-duty times. She’s often seen wearing mini dresses and skirts. Her color range is pretty mute, with baby pink color, grey, white, and black. To add her looks, she mixes it with flat shoes, sandals, even sneakers. Check these outfits below to follow Rosé’s style.

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  1. The Fashion-Forward Jennie

The Solo singer, Jennie, has the most street-style among the other girls. She is chic, urban, and very trendy. She doesn’t really like wearing many bright colors in her outfits, instead she prefers monochromatic tone, with a touch of army and dark colors. To complete the looks, she often carries some handbags, and do the looks with sneakers, flats, or even heels!

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  1. The Girl Next Door Jisoo

Jisoo, on the other hand, proved that she could jingle any outfits to look pretty in it. Unlike the rest of the members, the only Korean-born in the group likes to try many different kind of outfits and outstandingly shines in each one of the styles that she had tried. Following her chill and laid-back personality, Jisoo likes things that is easy to wear, pretty but still comfortable. She can go with shorts, jeans, dresses and tshirts as well. Just let her know where to go and she would come with such a stunning outfits according to the events.

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Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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