Style to Track: Meet Kofi aka Icykof

Meet Kofi McCalla, a man who’s based in London with many aliases, one of it is The Unknown Blasian.

He ventures around YouTube and social media as The Unknown Vlogs or Icykof. He now has over 593K subscribers on YouTube with 513 videos. Kofi once explained that he is both black, Asian, Jamaican and Indian hence the name Blasian.
Kofi rises to fame through the infamous streetwear culture that has been a global phenomenon for the past few years. His videos are usually about streetwear-hypebeast culture like latest Supreme drops, tours around high-end shops, fashion shows BTS also “How much is your outfit” Remember those craze of knowing how rich a person dress? He might be the pioneer of that craze.
He since have been venturing around the globe as a well-known YouTuber with great sense of style. Kofi also loves to dress comfortably as he tends to hustle around London everyday A man with such fashion sense surely you want some insights, here are some of our best pick for your inspo:
Look 1

Steal His Style!
Look 2

Steal His Style!

Look 3

Steal His Style!
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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