Style to Track: The New TikTok House Gang – Drip House

The trend of having a house gathering for online creators to collaborate isn’t new. Before the Hype House, there was Team 10, Clout House, and Vlog Squad. But new houses for TikTok’s biggest stars are popping up all the time. Di bulan Juni lalu, muncul TikTok house baru yang bernama Drip House yang sekarang udah mempunyai lebih dari 1.6 juta followers di TikTok dan lebih dari 22 ribu followers di Instagram.

TikTok house yang beranggota 4 orang ini ternyata nggak cuma sekedar team up untuk membuat konten TikTok, tapi mereka pun juga memiliki shopping online yang menjual merchandise dari Drip House sendiri. Drip House consists of Jaden Dunn (@jadendunntv), Korie Mckennedy (@koriee_m), Damian Dalthorp (@damedamian), and Erik Barber (@theerikbarber). We have tracked their styles since they are, indeed, the current trend.
Jaden Dunn, a filmmaker and a TikTok star who is known for creating unique videos that utilize unique editing and feature humorous skits. He has over a million fans on the app and for sharing weekly vlogging videos through his YouTube channel.
As for Korie, he’s a short form dance and comedy content creator who rose to fame through his koriee_m TikTok account. His popularity led to him gathering more than 1.3 million followers on the platform.
Damian, yang mengunggah video TikTok pertamanya bulan Agustus tahun lalu, has risen to fame for his damedamian TikTok channel. His text-in-video lip syncs, memes, and comedic sketches have boosted him to more than 16 million total likes.
Erik Barber has seen his TikTok audience grow to more than 1.1 million fans. Dia memang sering kali memposting foto-foto gaya hidupnya di akun Instagramnya. His comedic clips often in meme and sketch format have helped him establish a huge following in the TikTok app.

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