Style to Track: Toko Barang Mantan’s Laras (Marsha Timothy)

Have you watched the new Indonesian it movie, Toko Barang Mantan?

It’s a comedy romance movie produce by Viva Westi and written by Titien Wattimena. A movie about a guy name Tristan who has a business called “Toko Barang Mantan” who then meet Laras and begin to fall in love.
As you might have guessed , Tristan run his shop by selling gift from exes while Laras actually his ex and come to sell a ring. Tristan who is portrayed by Reza Rahadian willing to left his college just to get serious into his business while the coming back of Laras portrayed by Marsha Timothy gave him a will to get her back.
Will the relationship succeed?
In this movie Laras is indeed a stylish woman with Lob hair and bangs. Worry not, her style can be found on our official store and here are some pairing suggestions:

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim



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