Style to Track: Chris Hemsworth

The God from Asgard a.k.a the hottie from Aussie, Chris Hemsworth, is here to bring you to his Endgame.

Golden-haired and chiseled-tone-body, Christopher Hemsworth is more than an action actor who does all of his stunts by himself. The father of three who is widely known as his role as Thor from Asgard has recently promoted his movie, Avengers 4: Endgame to the world and brought all the Marvel fans to tears of joy after the long wait for the movie.
Starting his career in the industry 12 years ago, Chris has been living under glimmering flashlights and beyond paparazzi’s eyes for far more than enough. To put a better environment for his mental health and the future of his children, the good father Hemsworth took his family to move from Los Angeles to his native land in Australia, Byron Bay. The beach and the blue ocean captivates Chris to take a better living in his motherland. Although now the Aussie man is back to his country, he’s still the Hollywood actor we fall in love with, therefore there still will be more movies coming up from the brother-in-law of Cyrus family.
Here are some shots of him being two characters at once–a cool father and Loki’s brother:
Look 1
Steal His Style
Look 2
Steal His Style
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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