#StyleHacks by Kyla Kameron

The 16-year-old little sister of our South North Bae’s host, Keyna Kameron, Kyla shared Letter F the secrets behind her fashion looks and skincare routine. Often seen active on social media, Kyla Kameron’s (@kylakameronn) major focus among others is in fashion and beauty.

Kyla takes fashion seriously, but she never takes it over the top. She loves wearing simple staple statements such as white tops and leggings for her daily activities. As for shoes, she wears accordingly to the given occasion, but essentially flats are defo her go-to option. Although she’s the girl who can swing sneakers as well.

What is your go-to styles?

“I would say my go-to styles are based on how it makes me feel comfy, for example leggings and blouses. Fashion can simultaneously be a mood booster as well as ruining one’s mood. I usually wear a unique top and add as a statement accessory such as bags or purses.”

What are your fashion items that you can’t live without?
“Shoes! They can complement a look and make it look more appealing.”
Makeup products that never leave your bag?
“Concealer and eyebrow product. They’re the only makeup products that I use on a daily basis so they never leave my bag, ever.”
As for skincare routine, which of the routine that you highlight the most?
“For skincare routine, my favorite part is toner. Toner balances our skin’s PH level, so I think it’s the most essential one for me. I could leave out moisturizer or even serum off of my routine, but once I skip toner, usually my skins would react badly and would become drier.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
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