Summer Fling: DNCE

Last August, the group performed for the Spotify event alongside Isyana Sarasvati, Raisa, and Dipha Barus. Such a sweet list of tunes for this summer. DNCE started their debut in 2015 with their Cake By The Ocean single, response wise? Well, obvi we’ve had a lot of catchy tunes from this group.

The band consists of Joe Jonas as the lead vocal, Jack Lawless partakes in the drum and percussion, JinJoo Lee as the guitarist, and Cole Whittle holds the bass guitar for them. They know each other way back when Joe was still in the Jonas bros. On September 18th, 2015, their single reached its peak and was at the 9th position of Billboard chart. And they continuously serve us good bops through their EP Swaay and its first studio album DNCE. Lately, the band is doing their tour outside the USA, and spread their music all around the world. Just like Joe Jonas said, they aimed to have a global tour soon to keep in touch with their fans.

It’s not just the music that catch everyone’s attention, they also have their own personalized style. Colorful and vibrant are what we would say. All of them are rocking their own style and fashion. They’re never in sync in dressing, and we meant that in a good way. And just so you know, DNCE was also chosen as the American tennis brand K-Swiss for their 2018 campaign.

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