This is How Sunscreen Protects Your Skin

As we’re living in this polluted-overly-sunny city as Jakarta, there are few things that you need to get used to, one of the most important one is the scorching heat of the sun. Thus, the right way to handle it right, is by getting yourself a good sunscreen to protect your skin.

Talking about sunscreen, you better have a clear understanding of the type of sunscreen; physical and chemical sunscreen. Generally, both types contain ingredients that help absorb UV rays and basically two peas in the same pod, but not really.
Physical sunscreen works as its name, physical. It protects your skin and its residue remains on the skin. It defends your skin from UVA and UVB rays and is more likely ideal for those who got sensitive skin. As for the chemical one, it penetrates deep to your skin layer and protects the skin from the inside. To tell a different between the physical and the chemical one, you can see the texture and the ingredients inside, while physical is enriched with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the texture is more thick and sticky, meanwhile, the chemical one is silkier and heavily constructed with Vitamin C and E, therefore it’s better for those who’s got acne and oily prone skin.
As now you know which sunscreen is best for your skin, you may also want to know which number of SPF you should wear for the day. SPF stands for sun protection factor, basically a rating to tell you how long you can stay under the sun with the sunscreen on your skin. To make it simpler, let’s say you apply SPF 30, it means the sunscreen will protect you 30 times longer before you burn under the sun, approximately for about 450 minutes or 7 and a half hours. A higher SPF will protect you for a longer duration, but it is still better to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours.
Then, do you already have any ideas on which sunscreen to get? Let us help you here:
Physical Sunscreen
Chemical Sunscreen
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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