Supermoon’s Effects on Health, is This a Real Life or a Fantasy?

One of the many captivating events made by nature is the lunar eclipse, and one of the rarest lunar eclipse that has ever happened is called Supermoon. Supermoon is the time where moon reached its closest distance to the earth.

As this phenomenon has been repeatedly happening throughout the time, it brings many legends with it through the ages as well. It is believed that during the lunar eclipse the animals and the human tend to have an off behavior. They believe that the eclipse symbolizes a bad fortune and it is caused by the angry Gods. Therefore it is incredibly suggested for the pregnant women and other people to not going out from their houses during this occurrence.

Other than the myth, many ethnic groups also believe that the nature’s phenomenon also effecting human’s healthiness in some ways, for instance heart problems, severe coughing, and even mental problems. But the truth about this is still vague, so how about you? Do you believe in the old myth or the modern science?
Source: Okezone

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