The Supreme Box Logo Tee to End All Other Supreme Box Logo Tees

Supreme’s box logo T-shirt—affectionally known as the “bogo” tee by diehard fans everywhere—is the brand’s most covetable and iconic offering. There is something about seeing “Supreme,” set in bold Futura text and that red box à la Barbara Kruger, that sends hypebeasts new and old into a frenzy.

This month marks the 25 years of Supreme’s Lafayette Street storefront, and in celebration, the company is releasing an extremely over-the-top version of its highly hyped box logo’d wares—one that is covered in shimmering crystals.
Black Supreme Swavorski tee
Twenty-five years is a long damn time, especially in a city with a real estate market as supercharged as New York’s. So, of course, Supreme went big and teamed up with the crystal makers at Swarovski to bring the sparkly iteration of its beloved “bogo” goods to life. Both a hooded sweatshirt and a T-shirt get a Swarovski crystal appliqué logo treatment: the hoodie features 1,201 crystals and while the tee has 1,161 of them. (Each crystal has been applied by hand in the Big Apple.) If all that sparkle and luxury wasn’t enough, Supreme called on the cherished director, photographer, and longtime friend-slash-collaborator Larry Clark to model the limited-edition shirt.
Supreme Swavorski white tee
Despite the fact Supreme is more prominent in popular culture than it has ever been, this is just another reminder that the brand’s rebellious attitude will never waver. Make no mistake here: using expensive crystals instead of plastisol ink is just the type of thing Supreme would have done back in the 1990s. (Same goes for hiring a 76-year-old to model them.) As expected, the shirts and hoodies sold out instantly despite costing $398 and $598, respectively. But when you consider the goods are now being listed for thousands of dollars by resellers across the globe, $400 for a crystal-covered tee doesn’t sound so bad.
Source: GQ

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