Surprising Uses of Innisfree No-Sebum Lucky Edition

Has it been that long since the launch of this beloved Mineral Powder? Thankfully, yes! To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the No-Sebum Mineral Powder, innisfree presents the No-Sebum Lucky Edition, a special edition with 12 designs inspired by 12 birthstones. Each birthstone represent one month of the year, and carries a different lucky message. The No-Sebum Lucky Edition comes in 5g containers and available at your nearest Innisfree while stocks last.


The No-Sebum Mineral Powder is one of innisfree’s popular products. It can be used multiple ways, so it’s an essential part of your daily makeup bag! The powder also functions as:

  1. Blotting paper
  2. Makeup fixer
  3. Dry shampoo (goodbye, bad hair days!)
  4. Eye primer
  5. Eyelash primer
  6. Lip mattifier (on those days you’re not about the gloss)
  7. Nail primer
  8. Deodorant
  9. Baby powder

While some of these, such as using the Mineral Powder as blotting paper or eye primer are not unheard of, we loved discovering new uses such as using it for dry shampoo, lip mattifier and deodorant. It’s perfect for those emergency beauty situations that may arise. How versatile!


Source: Highendteen

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