SvmmerDose: the Uprising Indonesian Indie Band

Say hello to the new indie band in town, featuring Iqbaal Ramadhan as bassist, Rinrin as vocalist and also Agy as guitarist. Starting as a product of random group chat, they finally released a first single titled Independent on December 2017, produced by the indie musician Janitra Satriani. The song has reached #1 Top 50 Indonesia Viral Chart on Spotify!


Facing their busy schedules and the fact that Iqbaal are now still in college in the United States, the band couldn’t and wouldn’t stop creating. Just last April they released a second single named Got It All. We manage to have some chit-chatting with them and here are what they say about music, themselves and many more!

Can you share us the story behind SvmmerDose – what is it with letter V, instead of U?
Iqbaal: I think I remember calling Agy, asked for his playlist on Spotify and I was checking it out and turned out it was the song that I’m listening too, so I was like we have the same music preferences, why don’t we make a band? Then one day  I remember he was like, “Yeah, can we get Rinrin to join us as well?” I was like “Why tho.” We started doing it on Skype, I remember the first or the second Skype call, Rinrin doing this reff from Independent and I was like, “It sounds really cool!” And somehow we came out with the name SvmmerDose.

How long have your been interested in exploring the music industry? Who influences SvmmerDose?
Iqbaal: I started picking up guitar because of Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, so I looked up to  him, but these days I think my biggest influence is Matthew Healy from The 1975.
Rinrin: Definitely Tommisch and Honne.
Agy: I am interested with music since I was a kid, and back then I was influenced by the pop genre, with figures like Glenn Fredly or Kahitna… yeah, something like that.

What does music mean to you?
Iqbaal: I think music means everything, all things possible, music has saved my life and it’s gonna keep saving my life. I’m just really grateful that I was born in music, I know I haven’t been really doing music lately, but I am definitely going back to music since it’s my roots, and you gotta go back to your roots.
Rinrin: Music means everything to me, honestly I can’t live without it, music can take me anywhere I want. I’ve been through every phase with music; I think if music vanishes from this world, I won’t survive this mad world.
Agy: Music means everything for my life – I started to feel the crave for music from elementary school, junior high school and now I’m in college and I still need music.

As people who have officially dived into the music industry, what’s your opinion about the local industry and the music event scene in Indonesia?
Iqbaal: I think it is progressively getting better and I’m talking personally about indie music scene. This year, or probably last year, when Svmmerdose was born, I just realized that the music scene in indonesia is really cool, and finally Svmmerdose can be produce by indie musician. Our next single will be produced by Josh Dano from TheBorisSuit vocalist. He is an indie musician too… and last time we are about to collaborate with hiphop artist Jibran.

Some said the music creating process can be quite an experience, be it the most exciting to the most tiring one, how was it in SvmmerDose’s case?
Rinrin: It was actually really fun, I enjoy every music-creating process with SvmmerDose, well sometimes I got problem finding perfect lyrics that fits with the melody and the beats – but my bandmates got me, of course ‘cos they’re so good with it comes to song arrangements. We totally complete each other.

If music were a color and a city, what would they be according to you?
Iqbaal: Los Angeles, Hollywood Avenue. Yellow, bright yellow.
Agy: I think, I love London. I don’t know why, yellow and bright pink.

Any exciting projects coming up? If so, do you mind share some of them to our readers?
Agy: I hope at the end of the year, we’ll have 2 upcoming projects. I hope the projects are done before December.



Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Editor: Olivia Elena

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