Syahravi as Dr Dapper

If you’re one of our loyal readers, pastinya masih inget dengan Syahravi Dewanda yang sempat kita interview Maret lalu, seorang music junkie yang menjadi seorang musisi who produces his own musicSyahravi has grown into a very much nice-looking man who steals the girls’ hearts nowadays not just by his looks, but also from his nice singing voice.

From that reason, we have decided to invite Syahravi to be the new Alpha for our video content specially for the gentlemen out there, Doctor DapperWe have put our trust in the 23-year-old singer to be the Alpha since we know that he’s reliable enough to share his knowhow to help you gents on getting the woman of your dreams.
Sama seperti episode Doctor Dapper sebelumnya dengan Alpha Jerome Kurnia, Syahravi juga akan membahas keresahan untuk para pemuda yang membutuhkan saran dan panduan terhadap fashion, grooming, bahkan sampai tips kencan berdasarkan kisah-kisah cinta dan pengalaman dia sebelumnya. Simak terus Doctor Dapper dengan para Alpha handal cuma di YouTube The F Thing.

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