Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane with AADC the Concert

It’s all about hip nostalgic at the recent Ada Apa dengan Cinta music concert. Behind the successful gig, Letter F had some intimate backstage talk with Melly Goeslaw herself.


If you ever been to other Melly Goeslaw’s concerts, the AADC concert can be considered very intimate – that’s actually the concept aimed by the brain of Astrid Reiza, supported by rows of young artists (including Visual Artist Isha Hening, who’s responsible behind the powerful LED on stage). We asked Melly about her choices of playlist of the night, “The title of this concert is AADC, but I did insert several songs outside the movie. I prioritized songs in which I was trusted to be the composer.”

“Indonesian music industry today is facing hardship,” Melly said, “But I hope local music can still shine and as an artist in the industry, I have to keep being productive to all the fans.” We also mentioned about one part of the concert, in which a man declared his love to a woman, live on stage. “It’s for fun,” Melly claimed, “And I also wanted the audience to bring home a memory, other that just Instagram photos of the event.” She also stated that the couple were totally candid.

A total of more than 2100 audience jam-packed the Pallas, Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) on that memorable September 4th. According to the committee, preparation of this concert only took one month and the presale ticket surprisingly sold out within 1 hour and 49 minutes time! “This concert is initiated by Astrid Reiza – she’s a young creator that comes from generation after me,” Melly continued, “This proves that AADC is a symbol of Indonesian film and music industry.”

Upon asked about the next hype by them, the committee shared that there will also be a concert on November and December. Check out @iconiconcert.id so you won’t miss it!



Photographer: Vicky Melly
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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