Taste a New Song from TIGA

Longing for old songs with new arrangements, and a little touch of modern things? TIGA is here to make it happen. Recently releasing their debut single on May 5th, TIGA is re-arranging an Indonesian classic popular song, Bohong, into a brand new sound. But first of all, what is TIGA, anyway?

It’s a new music group of three talented and beautiful women from Locker entertainment. It consists of Ayu Rika (vocalist and keyboardist), Ninda Felina (DJ) and Tanayu (vocalist) – the three of them aim to bring old songs to be a chic one, which can be listened by the new generation. And by all means, they want to be a refreshing group in the music industry, as well as trying to keep the popular music alive.

With the capability of the members, all of them revamp the sound and mastering the song into brand new one. Their debut song is a 1987 popular song from Deddy Dhukun and Dian Pramana Poetra titled Bohong. Ready to listen? Check this out!

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