Tattoo Stigma No More with Vincentius Aditya

Vincentius Aditya is a local celebrated tattoo artist whose works of art are known by many. Coming from 9livespoke tattoo studio, Adit specializes in handpoke tattoos. Essentially, it’s considered as back-to-basics method with non-electric approach. Done freestyling with needle and inks, it can look distinctively stunning when executed by a pro. And by pro, naturally goes to Adit. To him, making tattoos is one of his stress-reliever moments, so when he takes time in making, trust us, he gladly invests his time to carve the perfect memory in your body. He started to learn tattoomaking from Nadya Natassya, a well-know tattoo artist in town, few years ago. He chose to learn handpoke tattoo as his specialty because the result shows a natural and raw drawing. To us, the tattoo artist shared his thoughts on tattoo stigma in our country.

Read his full interview here.

Videographer: Mario Bully
Video Editor: Ari Kurnia Pambudhi

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