#TBT Pics of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

Way back before the Kardashians ruled the showbiz empire, there was a little known Princess from the Hilton clan called Paris. The so-called US socialite was known worldwide as the iconic influencer -even before the term was coined- who has a lot of followers, seen in many VIP parties, and had an assistant namely Kim Kardashian.



unnamedThe Kim you know now, the current queen of social media, was merely a girl to whom Paris told to book this or that restaurant to have a dinner at. She’d tag along wherever Paris went, from the coolest party to a private invitation on yacht. She was cool, by association. And once in awhile, the wife of Kanye did a wardrobe cleaning for Paris. Them menial tasks. But that was then.

pariskimkibizaThe table now has turned. Sort of. Paris is a has-been, whilst the then-assistant became the very face of the most iconic influencer, including all of her siblings. So the internet went craycray when Paris posted 4 throwback pics when Kim was still working for her on her Twitter account. Captioned as “good times”, replied by Kim as “best trip!!”

In the words of Paris Hilton back then,

“That’s hot.”

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