Teaser Film ‘Tenet’ by Christopher Nolan Akhirnya Muncul

Setelah diberikan teaser secara konsekutif di medsos, film enthusiasts as well as Nolan’s avid fans can finally rejoice in Nolan’s new movie ‘Tenet’. The scoring, as per usual, is intense with gradual rapid beats. The trailer itself displays Nolan’s signature grading and angle in scene per scene. But what is the movie actually about?

Actually, the director leaves very little to the media on what the movie is about. Essentially though, the film depicts a movie set of the world of international espionage. Kalau pada ingat, trailer marketing pertama ketika film ini muncul memperlihatkan pace movie that moves both forward as well as backward, hence of course, the distinctive palindrome title.
Dibintangi oleh John Davis Washington (Monsters and Men, Rise, Love Beats Rhymes), yes if you’re familiar with its last name, John indeed is the son of the famous Denzel Washington, sebagai pemeran utama, the trailer invites its viewers to also learn what John is currently exploring: how to warp time as the stake of the world is in his hands. His mission? Oh, simple, only to stop World War III from happening, like casually doing it.

In short, the movie is like Doctor Strange but instead of approaching the superhero-esque figure, Nolan ‘memanusiakan’ karakter superhero, lengkap dengan teori-teori seperti reverse-engineering events, bending time, and space, you know, the usual cool effects. If Inception is about dream and its layers (looking at you, Freud), Interstellar is about exploring the 5th dimension (well, hello, black hole my old friend), and in Tenet, Nolan explores the idea of time travel.

Tenet menjadi film andalan dari Warner Bros yang dijadwalkan tayang pasca pandemi Covid19, alongside Mulan, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Spongebob Mobie: Sponge on the Run. Tenet turut juga dibintangi Martin Donovan, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, dan Michael Caine.

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