Tessa Thompson’s MTV Movie & TV Awards Hairdo is All About Girl Power

Men In Black: International may take place in a futuristic, alien universe, but star Tessa Thompson’s latest red carpet hairstyle gives serious vintage vibes.

One of the most well-recognized retro hairstyles has to be victory rolls. Seriously, just turn on any movie or TV show set in or around the 1940s. Walking the red carpet for MTV’s Movie & TV Awards on Saturday, Thompson sported the iconic rolls, along with a cascade of loose waves. And much like Thompson’s historic MIBrole — she’s the first woman leading character in the franchise — victory rolls ooze girl power.
The ‘do is said to have gotten its name from a fighter plane maneuver called the aileron roll done as a sign of victory or celebration, hence the term “victory roll.” During World War II more than 350,000 women served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Likewise, the industrial labor force also saw an uptick in women employees, with nearly one out of every four married women working outside of the home and taking on the jobs of men who were fighting the war, according to the History network. Thompson’s ‘do is reminiscent of a time when women were first finding their place in the American workforce and becoming empowered as contributing members of society and the economy.
Source: Refinery29

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