Tezzen Knows How: Be Your Own David Beckham

Gone were the days where men touched up their hair using a sticky hair gel as pomade enters the scene. A consistent trend amongst men for the past couple of years, it has become the key to look and feel good using pomade. So consistent that the business grows wider and blooms with various local pomade brands.

Tezzen, one of the local pomade brands, noticed the potential that men gradually pay more attention to what they wear from head to toe. Applying the best pomade to make their hair look cool is of course no exception.

So, first of all, very important, water based pomade, oil-based pomade, or clay?
Jamie&Eddie: “Clay.”
Jamie: “Actually we’re both wearing the clay pomade now.” 
Have you guys always been friends and one day decided to have a business together?
Jamie: “So about four years ago, I have been selling pomades. You know, just for additional income. I saw that the slick back hair style has been a trend, barbershops are everywhere, and I see that men actually don’t mind spending their money to have the best pomade, that’s when I saw the opportunity: to make an income out of it. I did some research and tried to find the factories to make pomade, did a survey in Jakarta and Bekasi—regions that most men would spend their money to buy pomades. Afterwards, I calculated the ins and outs, and it got me thinking that I needed a partner. I met Eddie in college, we were in the same organizations and we became friends instantly. I noticed that he also did a related business with what I wanted to do.”
Eddie: “We met in college in 2013, we did some events together and worked part time together as well. So when Jamie asked me to become his business partner in 2016, where I also noticed that men actually are willing to spend IDR 200-300k for a pomade, I saw this potential, too. We started from zero, we majored in IT, so we didn’t know law, chemical, things that we were supposed to know to create a business.”

What distinguishes your brand from other pomade brands?

“Our main selling point is our ingredients. The difference between Tezzen and other brands is that people usually wear pomades every single day. I decided to make a pomade that’s not only make a man look stylish, but also to make their hair healthier, can be worn every day. We use activated charcoals to keep the hair clean after the pomade application. Tezzen pomade lifts up dirts once you wash your hair off. So, that’s our strength. We focus not only to make hair look more stylish, but also healthier.”

Personally, what’s your go-to style?
Jamie: “I change styles a lot, if my hair is getting longer, I’d just pull them up. But I will change styles each day.”
Eddie: “I like the undercut style. Sometimes I style it in spike, sometimes do a side part. What fits me and what I’m comfortable with, depending on the occasion and situation.”
How do you see the trend in men fashion, especially grooming, nowadays?
Jamie: “Men nowadays not only care for their hairstyle, but also for skin care and stuff. They pay attention to shampoos, skincare, et cetera, all based on their personal liking.”
Eddie: “We can see the trend from barbershops as well. Cutting at a barbershop used to cost IDR 10K-20K, now they have to pay more than IDR 200K for a haircut. Men nowadays don’t mind spending their money for grooming.”
Who do you think was the first one who paved the way for men to pay attention to grooming as well?

“David Beckham. I refer a lot to his hairstyle is my role model and I believe others would think the same.”

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Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe by Sleepynerd available at The F Thing

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