The 4 Short-tempered Zodiacs

Losing a bit of your temper is not unnatural, we all been there sometimes.

There must be something in life you can’t stand looking, hearing or maybe feeling that’s inevitably annoying and sets you off. Computer freezes, those rainbow thingy on your computer every time you click on something.
Some people can keep it cool but some might not easily settle. Getting angry is not necessarily a bad thing but consistently angry can jeopardise your health – not only mentally but also physically. When you are short-tempered and easily lash out, people might find it less appealing to get close to you. While being angry also causes you to make bad decisions that might be more to your loss than benefit.
We are not asking you to be a saint, anger is good while it’s being contain. Some of the signs might find it hard to control their anger due to fiery spirit, here are some of those signs you don’t want to provoke:

This stubborn sign can be very short tempered as it’s ruled by Mars – the goddess of War and well fire. They can get irritated due to a slightest thing and feel restrain if they can’t channel their wrath. Aries does have a bad habit to take out their anger to their closest person even though they are innocence.
Leo is also a sign ruled by fire and king of the jungle. Their fiery passion and intensity sometimes drive them to be short tempered. They respected rules and wish to be obey. If you don’t then you are sort of fucked. The downsides is that Leo might find it hard to be criticised which cause him to be known as stubborn and arrogant.
People who are born as Capricorn have they own way of living their life. Questioning how is it will not help elevate their mood. They can also be unforgiving when things get heated. Yelling an petty talk will be the go to weapon while speaking in a condescending tone. You might don’t want to be on the opposite side when a Capricorn is angry.
Since Scorpio are already born with mischievousness, intense and aggressive – their anger could be something scary to witness. Sometimes it can get physically violent but for sure it will be verbally violent. They sting like those venom on their sign. A scorpio’s anger wasn’t really easy to spot, it can be “calm before the storm” situation.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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