The Adventurous Albern Sultan

Familiar with the catchphrase “my life, my adventure”? The following muse lives his days based on it. Starting his early career as L-Men winner, Albern expanded his career in the showbiz industry by exploring the world of modeling, presenting, and now traveling. Moving from his hometown, Medan, to Jakarta proved to be the right choice for this newly-turned 27-year-old model. And he still has a lot in his sleeves.

albern sultan letter f tft14We often see you on the TV now, being a host and a traveler as well. Mind sharing us what’s new with you post-L-men competition?

“Currently, I’m busy being a TV presenter for sports segment. Aside from that, I manage a business with my friends – barbershops in Serpong and Alam Sutra. I’m also in talks with my friends of setting up a creative production house.”

Quite the young entrepreneur you seem to be nowadays. Did your career start from L-Men competition?

“Well, I used to be a gym and sports junkie so I thought I’d give L-Men competition a go. Didn’t think that I came up as the winner. Tried my luck to be a TV host after the contract with L-Men is finished, and turns out I enjoy it. I got the chance to host Wisata Malam – which is a travel show and I was lucky to see the unexplored side of this country. After two years of being a travel host, I was moved to the sports segment and am still in it until now and loving it.”

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Going back to the L-Men competition, what was the exercise you did on daily basis?

“I worked out at least three times a week; two times exercising at the gym and playing football with my friends. I chose playing football because sometimes I’d get bored doing the same exercise moves at the gym. But aside from football, I also love playing basket and surfing.”

Now about your time in Wisata Alam, the most amazing location that rendered you speechless?

“I’m very fond of Ora Island in Maluku – the sceneries are amazing and the fact that they’re still unexplored and untouched just added a plus point. There is a hidden cave where you have to dive first to reach the entrance. They also provide little shacks amidst the ocean for people who want to take some rest after spending the day swimming. Indonesia has a lot of unexplored islands with breathtaking scenery.”

“Travelling, for me, is about finding new places where I can be at peace with myself; where I worry less. When I hosted the program, I went to new places twice a month. And when I was moved to the sports program where I spent my days mostly in the studio, that’s when I decided to travel elsewhere once a month, to freshen up.”

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As a model and presenter, what do you like the most about them?

“Both of them are so different. I don’t need to talk a lot when I do modelling, but when I’m presenting, I have to be active and master the show material. They aren’t incomparable, each has its own challenges. I like both, and I also would like to explore acting.”

Models tend to have their own style, do you have your signature style?

“I prefer the comfortable street wear. T-shirt, jeans and sneakers are my thing. With the hot weather that we have, I chose to wear clothing that doesn’t make me sweat. Brand wise, I love Nikes, and lately Supreme.”

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Yourself in five years?

“I’d probably have kids in five year (laughs). And I really want to live in somewhere new, not in Jakarta. I want to feel the new feeling of living in other city.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: available at

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