The Arts of Removing Makeup, According to Bubah Alfian!

One of Indonesia’s most sought-after makup artist, Bubah Alfian, shared on how removing the makeup could be as important as the application.

“When makeup isn’t not removed in a correct approach, you will harvest acnes on your face, and other damages to the skin. Remember, the key of great makeup is a healthy skin as a base,” Bubah Alfian stated. So, how’s the correct way to do it?
  • Choose Your Makeup Remover Wisely
    Check out for products out there that’s gentle to your skin; you may use different makeup remover for daily makeup or the waterproof and heavier makeup – just make sure the product can remove makeup evenly, comfortable upon usage. Signs that you’re not using the suitable makeup remover: You feel slight burns/hotness on face, and a dry or irritated skin afterward.
  • Cotton is the Best
    Always use cotton with makeup remover, such as miscellar water. Place the cotton (which is already soaked in the product) on skin for several seconds, before making gentle strokes around the face to prevent irritation.
  • Double Cleansing Method
    Always use Double Cleansing Method to wash your face; which means, you should fash your face twice at night, after a long day of outdoor exposure. You can use foam cleanser or other facial wash after removing your makeup with miscellar water. Therefore, your skin will be clean thoroughly.
Source: iNews

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