The Badass DJ: Jasmine Afra

Amidst the dominating existing male DJs in the country, having a female DJ around is a breathe of fresh air. Jasmine Afra from 3000group is one of them. She started her DJ-ing phase back in 2014, a gradual passion that she has been having ever since the middle school era. Though considered as new, but she has developed a recognition from her peers.

Currently playing her beats under 3000group, she’s now part of tripo3000 which is a platform for the electronic music enthusiasts. Jasmine’s role is important in hyping up the vibe of parties, from small, boat, underground warehouse, to rooftop parties and many others. Currently, Jasmine plays for Kilo Lounge, Archipelago Festival, Dingdong Disko and Verde in Bandung.

So when did you make up your mind to be a DJ?
“To be honest, I was a selector at first—I‘d like to share my playlist to the crowds. The thing is, ever since my high school days, people used to give me their USB drives, asking me to copy my playlist to them, I then somewhat recognized for my taste in music. I think ever since those days, I gained my confidence to share my playlists to the bigger crowds which led me to become a DJ.”
Do you have a specific role model growing up that inspire you to be a hardworker?
“I didn’t really get inspired by one particular someone, instead I get so energized by sharing the moments with the crowd, the ambience, the mood, and the enthusiasm from people who dance all night long to your songs are what drives me the most as a DJ.”
Now that you’re a DJ, what do you think of the process so far? Because most people are still in the search to have the perfect job.

“I have to thank my friends to be where I am right now. They humbly believe in me. Initially, my parents didn’t approve my choice of career. But in my opinion, a stable job doesn’t always fit with many people’s standard. For me, my stable job is all about passion and sharing your music, love, and energy together. With that being said, me becoming a DJ from the scratch, as a house party DJ, after party DJ, until I got hooked up by my group now—thanks to my friends who endlessly encourage me to do better.”

You’re one of the few female DJs who’s on the rise, but to get to where you are right now—there must be some ups and downs. Care to share your experiences to us?

“The ups have been the crowds definitely, the enthusiasm is something that’s irreplaceable, as a DJ there’s nothing I want to share but the energy and the music. The best crowds or the best gigs will remain in your heart, even those people who meet you after the event just to greet you, these are many of the greatest things to be a DJ. The downside has got to be gender-based, up to this day, many still think that female DJs are yet to be an equal with male DJs. Personally, I don’t see any significant differences between us. We do things the same way, we read the crowds, we set the vibe, we blast the music accordingly too, so I really don’t see why there are still so many people categorized us as F-DJs, well then shouldn’t they call the male ones as M-DJs too, then? We can’t change culture in one night, I realize this, but I’m pretty sure the stigma will get erased gradually as the number of female DJs are growing.”

What is next for Jasmine?

“I’d like to start small by making some edits or remixes, I’m so grateful for where I am right now. Hopefully, later in the future, I’d to produce my own music and if I’m lucky enough, maybe getting an opportunity to perform overseas, for instance at Episode in Vietnam or at Circoloco in Rome.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: Noho, available at
Location: Goldstein Jakarta

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