The Brand New Tanayu

After years having hiatus from the music scene, Intan Ayu made her grand comeback with a “revised” identity that’s more hip and catchy. She left the previous image as a soap opera actress and got herself reborn as Tanayu for her EP album. Course, we had to chat this musical muse.

tanayu 2017 letter f tft5tanayu 2017 letter f tft17The album was launched in May 2017, while the official music video for the single, Bang Bang Baby, was already released on July 11th, 2017. Currently, the mom of Keano is busy promoting her album and is developing a surprise project. The singer revealed that ‘it’s gonna be out soon’ and ‘it’s gonna be awesome.’ When we asked about the spoiler, she only said that it’s a girl thing.

Since you rebranded yourself as Tanayu, could you share to us the public response?

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to rebrand myself as Tanayu, before the single was released. And then my new team encouraged me to use the name and so I rebranded myself as Tanayu, to also make a new image – no longer a soap opera actress. The rebrand was also so that people see me as a new person, as a musician, singer and song-writer.”

Now let’s talk about your new EP, ‘Reborn’?
“This EP was produced by my old friend, Bagusikalisasi, and this was our first baby project. This was also his first music project as a producer, and it was my first album. And actually, we already wrote some of the songs three years ago before I got married. The project was ongoing but had to halt due to my new marriage life and other things. Then there was this DJ Osvaldo Nugroho who asked me to collaborate and encouraged me to continue this album. The funny thing was, Bang Bang Baby was actually the first song that I wrote and now I released it as my first single from this album. This EP has five songs and I wrote them all.”
tanayu 2017 letter f tft4 tanayu 2017 letter f tft13
Did you find any hardship when you wrote the songs? Or you already had the concept?
“Practically, the whole songs were about my journey. My life. For example, Bang Bang Baby was about my young and reckless self. And the other, Semakin Bersinar, the story was about my lowest condition, the rock bottom of my career. I poured up my feeling into that song to encourage myself and to remind myself to keep on pursuing my passion in music. I wrote on diary about how I feel.”

So, Tanayu is your alter ego: real or not real?
“Tanayu is definitely my alter ego. I am a quite different person, on and off stage. People who know me can easily say that, too.”

Being a singer, you must have musicians that inspire you a lot.
“For sure. But actually, I’m not that kind of person who madly idolizes any singer, but I do have some musicians that I look up to. I can say that I really look up to Bjork, I like how she develops her arts and music, I adore her to the point that I think of her as a wholesome artist. I want to become someone that can see music as concept where music is more than that. I can see that it’s what Bjork does in her entire career.”

Out of out curiosity, do you have a special playlist while you cooked your EP?
“Although I listen to them religiously since long time ago, I was listening to Goldfrapp’s latest album while I was recording. The timing was just so right. But to be honest, I listened to many indie artists in my playlist.”

Is cutting your hair short part of the rebranding? Do you feel any different on how the way you dress on/off stage?
“Yeah, I kinda need something new. And this haircut quite helped me in exploring my personality as Tanayu and to be more consistent about it. Also, I think how I dress up has an effect to how I brand myself. It shapes my personality, too. Right now, my style is kinda avant garde and edgy in a way. Somehow it’s now more bold and mature, too.”
tanayu 2017 letter f tft8tanayu 2017 letter f tft14Talking about fashion and style, do have one trend or style that you never get tired of?
“All hail sneakers! I never get tired of t-shirt, jeans and sneakers combination. Been owning it since I was a teenager.”

How about one quirky trend that you’ve always wanted to try?

“I want to try an artistic and weird design kind of headpiece. It’ll be fun wearing it while performing.”

4 fashion essentials you love for each 4 seasons?
“For summer, it’s definitely sunglasses; for autumn, a wool cardigan; for winter, a stylish long coat; spring, you can wear scarf.”
 tanayu 2017 letter f tft2 tanayu 2017 letter f tft7Do you have one desire that you really wanted to try; it can be about fashion, music or anything else?
“I really want to make a show which is a combination of music, art and fashion in a psychedelic way. I think it’s gonna be awesome.”

As a closing, share to us your biggest moment that you ever reached in your whole career?
“This album. I’ve been dreaming about having my own album, in my own way. I’m the one who wrote it, produced it, sang it, and got myself involved in every little piece in this album. This album is like my second baby.”
tanayu 2017 letter f tft18 tanayu 2017 letter f tft10

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: MCQ, Enve, and Epershand, available at

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