The Character ‘Joker’ Was Supposed to be for Robert Downey Jr.?

Joaquin Phoenix is the only candidate Todd Phillips has estimated to be the Joker.

This movie script was recognized by Phillips, he wrote for Joaquin Phoenix. There is one question that then arises in an interview session conducted by the director. He was asked to assume if the story of ‘Joker’ was dedicated to the movie character Marvel.
The director also has a specific choice about that.
“I would call him an Iron Man. Because I like Robert Downey’s figure and it would be nice to make a movie like this with him,” Todd Phillips said.
Phillips says Robert Downey is an actor he believes can go through the process of becoming the Joker he wants to be. While writing the script, Phillips already had the imagination for Joaquin Phoenix. Every detail of the plot he wrote and portrayed in the movie he presented to Joaquin Phoenix.
Source: V Radio

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