The Cheapest Michelin-starred Restaurants in the World

Everyone in culinary scene knows that to be given a Michelin star is a big privilege for the restaurant itself. It’s like the Grammy – or the Oscar – of the culinary world.  So it’s not a rocket science to know that Michelin star is given to restaurants with most delightful, heavenly taste. And it’s usually kinda pricey. But no worries, there are actually Michelin-starred restaurant with decent price.

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

This famous dim sum restaurant is originally from Hong Kong and it was just a small food stall in the said city. That’s why many people were amazed when it was awarded with the precious star. And they were more impressed with this diner when they didn’t raise the prices after it.

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, Singapore

The restaurant with long name actually holds the title as the cheapest Michelin-star restaurant in the whole world. You can eat its delish chicken rice with only SGD 2! What on earth! But again, you have to prepare your legs as you’ll queue for hours before you finally taste the food.

Nakajima, Japan

If you crave for some fish-based food, you can visit Nakajima and try their inexpensive dish. Their savory food is only 800¥ and you can taste heaven in a plate of grilled fresh salmon.

Tsuta, Japan

In fact, Tokyo has the most Michelin-star restaurants in the world. Beside Nakajima, there is Tsuta which actually the first ramen restaurant that got awarded by Michelin star. In this small stall, you can try its well-known soy sauce made from soybeans fermented for two years for only 850¥.

The Hand and Flowers, United Kingdom

The only pub with two Michelin stars offers you a lunch set menu with only £15. Tom Kerridge as the head chef cook presents a traditional lunch menu from England and France in one plate.

Uncle Boons, USA

All you have to bring is your USD 12 and you can eat the most delicious homemade Thailand dishes in New York. Uncle Boons offers you authentic Thailand food in an affordable Michelin star restaurant.


Source: Mister Aladin 

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