The Ending of the Song-Song Couple’s Fairytale

Sailing their ship with a cordial wedding back in October 2017, it is reported that the ship is officially sunk toward the end of their fairytale.

The actor of the on-going drama Arthdal Chronicles, Song Joongki has officially submitted for a divorce on June 27th 2019 which later confirmed by Song Hyegyo’s representative.
The couple officially began dating one another after the two met through a drama that bloomed both of their names together–Descendant of the Sun before knotting their ties together. The couple has become a trending topic ever since for their love story that developed from a pair of good friends to lovers. However, no one actually can tell what happened behind closed doors except the once-lovebirds.
According to Chinese reporter, Both Song Joongki and Song Hyegyo are often seen without their wedding rings and it appeared that the two, in fact have been living separately since 9 months ago and never once occupied their honeymoon house in Itaewon.
Source: Soompi
Writer: Winyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim



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