The Essential Products to Keep Every Men’s Hair Type Looking on Point

Hair upkeep isn’t easy, and with drugstore shelves overflowing with male-focussed cleaning, styling, and reparative tonics, it’s hard to know which will do your hair justice and which will only accentuate a bad hair day.


We’ve sought out the expertise of leading men’s hair stylist Jason Crozier for insights into the best products on the market for every hair type. Whether you’re dealing with thinning follicles, a dry-looking mop up top, an untameable afro or a dye job proving difficult to keep looking fresh, Crozier regularly recommends each of the products below to optimize your doo on the daily.

Scroll down to see all his recommendations, and the related shopping tips to go with.


Thin hair

 Highsnobiety / Eva Al Desnudo

“Always opt for a dry matte product with thin hair. Powders are a brilliant way to add guts, and Slick Gorilla‘s version is the perfect choice to add the glory. For extra coverage of concentrated thinning the colored hair, powders from Bumble & Bumble are fantastic for control and ease with targeted application.”

Thick hair

 Highsnobiety / Eva Al Desnudo

“Thick hair is often lacking in moisture. Treating this in abundance will give your hair some much-needed vitality. Sacha Juan‘s main ingredients derive from a sea algae, producing results synonymous with its uber slick Scandinavian design.”

Afro hair

 Highsnobiety / Eva Al Desnudo

“Moisturize, stylize, and finalize. Afro hair is the extreme version of curly hair — you need to do all you can to pack in moisture and shine. Kheils oil-in-cream is rich in avocado oil, which will lock in the condition.”

Colored hair

 Highsnobiety / Eva Al Desnudo

“Whether your hitting the beach or the salon the best trick for maintaining your blonde sunkissed highlights will be using a luxury care product. Christophe Robin provides the perfect product which includes a tonal deposit so that it not only nourishes and cares but it will simultaneously reduce color fade.”

Source: Highsnobiety

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