The Giant Puppets of Las Fallas Festival, Valencia

If you’re happened to visit Spain around spring time, you have to enjoy the biggest festival in Valencia, Las Fallas.

Las Fallas is a festival that happens every spring time, from March 15th to 19th in order to celebrate the commemoration of Saint Joseph. Conducted with endless fireworks, fiestas, magnificent bonfires and food, Las Fallas festival is also highly known for the giant puppets, Fallas and Ninots.

Every year, las fallas and les ninots are constructed according to an agreed-theme. Moreover, the artisans, sculptors, painters, and other craftsmen, would spend months to create such an amazing statue. The giant puppets are usually portrayed in some expressions that are satirical, comical, political, or even romantic.
Through the numerous Fallas and Ninots that came through this year’s festival, there is one that captured many attention from the public, the 26m statue by Pichi & Avo—a street art duo from Valencia. Working for the statue for a yearlong with Latorre y Sanz, the statue was made out of wood and cardboard. The 26 meter high Neo Classical sculpture was covered with PichiAvo’s trademark graffiti before finally being burned down to ashes at the end of the festival.

PichiAvo, through their official instagram stated that the burn down session didn’t take their heart away, as they see it as a procés creatiu or creative process. The one year’s worth of work might have gone with the ashes but they take it as a tribute to the local tradition by offering a piece of urban ephemeral art.


Source: streetartnews and urbanadventures
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim




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