The Honest Lyricsist, Rayssa Dynta

There’s a new soothing voice in town that’s gonna guarantee an earwom, courtesy of soon-to-be pop darling Rayssa Dynta. Last January, she released her EP under Double Deer Records with her life-experienced lyrics in the electronic pop genre. The Something About Us singer believes that lyrics are her ways to communicate her feelings.

The 23-year-old Rayssa has been immersing herself in music since she was young, including playing music instruments as well. Though she has never professionally learned how to sing, but she never holds back when pouring herself out to her music. Exploring not just pop, Rayssa confessed that she also loves jazz and psychedelic genres.

Can you tell us more about your latest single ‘Under Cover?
“’Under Cover’ is actually easy to make and write, yet somehow it took us almost two years to release because it has a different vibe with the previous album Prolog. For this single, I got inspired by seeing people around me who have the tendency to keep their feelings unspoken, keeping them under the cover.”
‘Something About Us’ and ‘Spark’ hold such a deep meaning behind it, mind sharing what got you inspired to write the songs?

“Initially, I tend to write what’s happening or what has happened before with me or someone close to me, and for ‘Something About Us’ –it’s about going back and forth into a relationship that you’re not even sure of. Whereas ‘Spark’ is about entering a relationship. I write based on real life experience, because I don’t really enjoy fiction that much. However, I also enjoy creative writings to make them more interesting. As a lyricist, I think I’m pretty honest about my lyrics, because to me, it’s the most important thing.”

What is your own fave song?
“My favorite song is actually the most underrated song called Be Alone, it’s like the darkest track ever. For me, it took the longest and the hardest to write because it’s such a hard-earned track that I’ve ever released in Prolog.”
Now that you delved in the music industry, how do adjust yourself to it?
“The hardest thing for me is not knowing what to expect, because I don’t have that many people to look up to, what I did is just go with it.”
So what’s the next plan?
“Planning to release more tracks and hoping that I’ll be touring this year, as well as more collaborations.  And if I got to say one thing about my collaboration is that the next single will be totally different than the songs that I’ve ever released.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Rengga Aditya
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Sunnyday label, Noho, available at The F Thing

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