The Indobarian Fighter: Verdy Bhawanta

5 years ago, this athletic man built up a community which focuses on transforming your body into something greater – Indobarian Method. He created an alternative training that is very simple and organic as well. Verdy talks about the movement and mobility of your body and mind as well. In short, an understanding awareness to your body, mind and soul.

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First of all, please share to us how did it all start.

“I was a very active person and I was an athlete as well. I like to do crazy things. But unfortunately my ligamens were torn apart, and as an athlete it was the worst nightmare ever. It was like my career was done right there. During the mourning process, I started to contemplate and tried to find any kind of training. Then I thought about an alternative training and started doing it.”

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“At first, I did a meditation and the idea came. I started to do upper body training organically, I wasn’t using supplement and stuff, I’m a vegetarian as well. I began exploring the core method; it was a movement mobility and we don’t depend on something like sport equipments.”

What kind of exercise that you do in Indobarian method?

“I call it core-based movement, because we can’t stop moving. Starting from there, I explored the daily movement. Like walking, running, or if you are working out – movement like rolling, splitting or cartwheeling. The thing is, the more we upgrade the movements, the more we improve ourselves. In here, we’re not only building muscles. We kind of manipulate the movement and create new patterns. During those movements, actually your muscles and body will naturally adapt.”

“The first movement ever is breathing. I learned how to breathe properly. If we can take a proper breath, we will be at ease, calm and relax. Then move to basic squat, pull-up, standing, running, to the basic balance. And all of them have to symmetrically balanced. But I made 5 disciplines in Indobarian method – first, never judge people. Second, learn how to meditate 20 minutes a day. Third, working out 10-20 minutes a day.  Fourth is Alkaline diet, like eating raw fruits and vegetables. And the last one is going back to nature.”

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“Follow the program for 7-21 days and your life will feel better. For me, Indobarian teaches not only about getting in shape, but to understand your quality as a human being. Let’s say, I know the quality of my body and know how to express it. I’m perfectly healthy.”

You mentioned that you were an athlete. Care to share the experience?

“I’m actually a free agent athlete (laughs). In martial arts, I’m a capoeira teacher, jujitsu athlete, and parkour. I don’t specifically do one sport because I love to learn them all. I dont’ like to label myself as one particular sport. That’s why I called this method as core of movement because you have to know the basic movement of human body.”

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Since the first establishment of the method, how’s the development so far?

“People come to us to learn about the training method, because it’s way cheaper if you have to go to the gym. Three months practicing the method is the same as two years in the gym, the body and the muscles.”

In your honest opinion, what is a healthy lifestyle?

“It’s actually very simple for me. When you managed to understand yourself, including your mind and body, that is the ideal of healthy lifestyle for me. If you understand yourself, you’ll understand your surrounding. That’s why meditation is necessary, to manage and control their mind and body.”

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How about the next project that Indobarian will held?

“We’ll just do the usual training, but in August we’re gonna have an Independence Day theme and maybe a seminar about Indobarian. We’ll see.”

We are kind of curious about your involvement in Merah Putih Memanggil, care to share?

“I’m actually an actor and have done some movies. I’m very grateful that I got the chance to get a role with National Army and special forces. It’s really a great opportunity.”

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Beside in training people and working out, do you have another thing that you like?

”I like acting because I can be everything in act. But lately I did a lot of meditations, and I did it everyday for around 1 or 2 hours.”

Your hope regarding your Indobarian community?

“I hope people who are reading this can get the idea and information about Indobarian. And of course to make them aware that everyone can inspire themselves.”

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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Iqbal Syafei
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, BLXS, Monstore, and adidas, available at

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