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The Insta sisters, Athena Thalia and Alea Malika are known for their impeccable fashion style in their Instagram feed. Having 6 years apart, Thalia and Alea are still attached by the hip, shown by some fashion projects that the two have done together. These two earthy sign sisters are gaining more attention from the public as they are followed by thousands of followers on their social media accounts.

Thalia used to actively share her two cents on Ask.FM, and some time later she consistently posts on her Instagram and YouTube channels. Like two peas in a pod, Alea followed suit her sister, sharing her style and beauty tips, including the occasionally daily life Insta and YouTube. The eldest finished her degree in Deakin University in Melbourne and currently occupied with some collaborations with fashion brands, whereas Alea is still pursuing her business studies in Jakarta.

You both are pretty active on your social media platforms. But we’d like to know, how does it feel to be called as “content creators” at a young age? And what do you want to achieve at the end of the day?
Thalia: “At first, I joined Instagram because everybody was doing it. It was never my intention to be well known or big, whatsoever. Due to that reason, we never aimed to be content creators, so I couldn’t really describe the goals as of yet. We’re definitely enjoying what we’re doing now.”
Alea: “Same here. Like my sister, I joined Instagram because of the hype. I signed up when I was in the fifth grade if I’m not mistaken. Wasn’t really paying attention about how my feed looks like, I sometimes uploaded my family holiday pics. And I got thousands of followers right away, so I guessed people are interested in family holiday pics.”
As ironic as it may sound, people who share their lives on Insta and who become content creators often got comments, both bad as well as good ones. How do you usually handle or react to them?

“I actually get a lot of hate comments ever since I started being active on Instagram since high school. People pay attention to my feed and made a lot of comments, and it hurt me at the time, to be honest. But now, I really filter what to post on Instagram, so I won’t give haters a chance to share the hatred. I don’t let their comments affect me.”


“I got some criticism as well, though I chose to be ignorant for the hate comments. Because once we give them a chance to hurt us, they’ll keep showering the hatred with unreasonable comments, so I prefer to never reply to any of them.”

Thalia: “I think by only showing the butterflies and rainbows of my life, I try to be neutral about what I post and try to not feed the haters with the contents that they like.”

So apart from on point fashion choices you’ve often posted, you girls are also about maintaining skin. You both often mentioned skincare and beauty products on your platforms, what are your beauty routines?
Thalia: “Honestly, I am such a skincare junkie. I love taking care of my skin and I follow 8 steps of the Korean skincare routines. I have a normal skin and oily parts on the T-zone area. So the first step would be applying an essence toner, followed by some ampoules. After, I also apply a serum for my dark spots as it is one of my main concerns, then the last one would be moisturizer.”
Alea: “Unlike my sister, I’m not that overly obsessed about skincare. But since I hit puberty, I often consult to her about what to apply and whatnot. Thanks to her, I know how to maintain my skin and I started to take care of my skin more this year.”
Okay so name your beauty essentials that you’re currently or lately using.

“There are three things that I absolutely can’t live without: my pressed powder, my liptint, and my mascara. I can’t live a day without applying mascara because I’ll look pale without it.”

Thalia: “For me, it’s liptint, blush, and eyebrow pencil.”

How about fashion? As content creators, you always take care of your looks, can you both describe each other’s fashion style? And what do you like about each other’s fashion style?
Alea: “My sister likes luxury products, but since she also digs street style, she has a tendency to pick the street style luxury brands. I love how my sister can pull off many looks, especially skirts. I personally don’t think I look good in skirts, so I kinda envy that part.”
Thalia: “Alea started to like streetwear, too. Also, I think her simple style looks cool, she can rock t-shirt like no other people, probably because she has the cool aura in her.”
What are the most important fashion items according to your style?
Thalia: “Accessories! I love all of my accessories, my favorites are my bracelets, earrings, and rings.”
Alea: “It’s accessories for me, too! But mine would be belt and colored socks, I like wearing plain color shoes so I would add some colors with my socks.”
If you can steal one fashion item from your sister, what would that be?
Alea: “It would be my sister’s Dior ring. It’s way so big for me, but I just love it so much.”

“Fun fact, it’s also way too big for me, too! But if I could steal, then I’d love to have her Prada waist bag. It’s a vintage one and Kendall has worn the same bag before, it’s so cool and I wish I could steal it right away.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: KlohThing, Saint York, available at

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